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milkshakes and old photos

There is a place in Georgetown that delivers milkshakes. They are delicious. Actually, I’m not entirely sure that they actually taste any more delicious than most milkshakes, but the fact that they are delivered makes it seem so.

So, yesterday, being 37 weeks pregnant, I was starving, and WC was taking a nap, and I wanted to order from the place with delicious milkshakes (they also have delicious salads), but I couldn’t remember what WC ordered last (besides a vanilla milkshake), and I didn’t want to wake him up. So I went on his laptop to see if Eat 24 saves orders (they don’t). However, his iPhoto was open, and I saw some pretty amazing photos I didn’t even know he had from our wedding week!


Actually, I kind of remember him taking some of these pictures because he was playing with color and contrast on his camera.  But I digress.


We got married December 27, 2013, in a private ceremony at Elkin Creek Vineyard in North Carolina. It could have been anywhere, really. We wanted an intimate, low-key ceremony and I googled elopement + vineyard and sort of fell in love with the location. The first photo above is the creek, right behind the cabin where we stayed the day before our wedding, and the second photo is a swing right next to where we had our ceremony, a few minutes after we arrived at the vineyard. We have fancy professional photos at the swing right after our ceremony. There are a couple of our professional photos on our amazing photographer’s website in her wedding gallery (I love the black and white one on the main page), and of course we have all of the digital files from our photographer, but I love seeing the week through his eyes.

IMG_0634I remember a day or two before our wedding we drove about 40 minutes into town to sign our marriage license, and we were behind this big truck full of chickens? hens? in these teeny, tiny cages. It broke my heart, and now I only eat free-range eggs.


A day or two after our wedding, we explored the vineyards around the Yadkin Valley in NC. Honestly, we had no idea NC even had wineries or vineyards, but we knew we wanted a December wedding, and figured NC would be warmer than DC (but still driving distance). We were pleasantly surprised! Everyone was friendly, our vendors were fantastic, and we had an amazing week. This beautiful vineyard was called Raffaldini, and made to look like they took a villa out of Tuscany and put it in NC. Our favorite wine was probably the Rossa from Elkin Creek and we loved the cider from McRitchie (the wine glasses we got at the tasting there are still WC’s favorite to use at home).