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father’s day brunch

IMG_4732 For Charlie’s first Father’s Day, WC, Charlie and I went to Delaney’s Grill for brunch with my parents and my sister and her boyfriend. Celebrating Father’s Day used to be a big struggle for me because of the difficult relationship I have with my biological father. I always remember being frustrated in school that teachers never gave me enough time to make two Father’s Day crafts! As I grew up, I realized that the title “father” is much more about relationship and less about biology. When I was pregnant with Charlie, as I felt his soul growing inside of me (I know that may sound ridiculous, but mothers who have given birth, back me up on that!), I finally truly realized what a huge sacrifice my stepfather made when he married my mother and raised me as his own, without every having the legal obligation (or protection!). He was younger than me when he met my mother, and while I know some fantastic men, I can’t imagine any of them so willingly and selflessly taking on a small, strong headed little girl, and loving her like her own, not at this point in their lives. Anyway, I know how lucky I am, and it was very important for me to recognize how much that love means to me in Charlie (Daniel!)’s name. IMG_4727 Now I’m also lucky enough to help Charlie honor his daddy (his onesie was from Baby Gap). I know I’m still very new at all of this, and WC and I have a long way to go in this parenting world, but I know I wouldn’t have survived Charlie’s time in the NICU with having WC by my side. When Charlie was born and the neonatologists ran him over to the NICU, I screamed at WC to follow and do skin to skin as soon as possible. As I begrudgingly spent two days at home to recover from the infection I developed as a result of our long labor, WC diligently spent the days in the NICU, celebrating the milk I pumped. He’s truly an exceptional daddy, and we are lucky to have him. I hope you all were able to give the special men in your lives a little extra loving this Father’s Day ❤ Thank you for reading.