the happiness jar 001

IMG_4716 I’m feeling a little unsettled lately, and so I wanted to think of 10 things which make me happy lately, to help perk me up. Hopefully it will suffice as an update, too (:

  1. Charlie’s laugh. Our 4-month-old is so full of joy that it’s contagious. He started laughing a week or two ago, and laughs like crazy whenever we wash his neck (which we have to do all of the time since the little guy has so many rolls!) or put on lotion.
  2. Mama and baby yoga on Tuesday afternoons.
  3. Blaring the Wicked soundtrack in the car when it’s just Charlie and me.
  4. A husband who was willing to move halfway across the east coast so that I could be closer to my family and who can cook anything on the grill (and the stove, and the oven).
  5. Extended maternity/paternity leave.
  6. Crop share at a local farm where we’re able to pick strawberries or peas or raspberries once a week and bring home fresh veggies.
  7. Kind pediatricians who support exclusively breastfeeding and call the next morning to see how your babe is doing after his shots.
  8. Whole Foods trips with my little family when WC picking out good wines to try and Charlie falls asleep in the sling.
  9. Ice cream sundaes.
  10. When Charlie falls asleep on my chest.

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