the happiness jar 002

IMG_4930    IMG_4932

  1. Good friends who drive far to visit and spend the afternoon chatting and telling funny stories by the pool.
  2. Friendly’s Reeses Pieces sundaes being on sale for $1 at Big Y.
  3. When you buy 4 pots of sunflowers, 4 pots of black-eyed susans and a hanging patio tomato plant at a huge flower sale with your mama and the total comes to $24.98.
  4. New earrings bought from Nordstrom’s sale.
  5. The best iced chai tea I’ve ever had from Sylvester’s in Northampton.
  6. Getting a few minutes at night to crochet the blanket I’ve been working on (I’ve never finished an afghan, although I’ve started approximately 11).
  7. The look on Charlie’s face when I come into a room.
  8. Being able to breastfeed my baby.
  9. When the really wonderful attendant at the small town post office spends 10 minutes helping me repackage my sling so that it fits in a flat rate envelope and will not get wet.
  10. Instagram. I’m not sure why specifically; I just really like instagram lately.

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