the happiness jar 003


(Photo of my sister and I from July 2014)

It’s been a busy weekend, and there are a few things happening this week about which I’m not so excited, so it will be a good exercise today to remember the things making me happy.

  1. Baby sisters who live 5 minutes away (especially after 10 years of being hours away!)
  2. Impromptu gifts of fruit tea and this bracelet from above-mentioned sister.
  3. Receiving fluff mail — especially when it’s our new favorite sling.
  4. Fresh local blueberries from our crop share.
  5. Driving an hour to meet an old friend and her family for dinner AND a baby who did not cry. the. entire. car ride.
  6. Babies with ticklish thighs. More specifically how my baby laughs when we tickle his thighs.
  7. When Trader Joe’s has their gluten-free grain sandwich bread AND gluten-free chocolate cupcakes in stock.
  8. Target trips when Charlie falls asleep in the sling while my mama and I are ogling baby clothes.
  9. Burnt hotdogs from the grill (just a little bit black; not totally charred).
  10. Shih tzu snuggles.


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