the happiness jar 004

IMG_0909 I have to go into work two days this week, and then I start full-time next Tuesday. As my (glorious, extended) maternity leave comes to an end, I am feeling very, very sad. The only way to describe it to my non-mama friends is to say that I feel like I am going through the worst break-up. I know Charlie will be okay, and is in wonderful hands, but I’m so heartbroken about how little time we’ll be spending together in comparison. On that note, the happiness jar is even more important this week because I know how much there is for me to be thankful.

  1. Sewing projects, especially with my brand-new sewing scissors.
  2. Chai tea dates with my mama and sister, Charlie in tow.
  3. When my amazing husband takes Charlie in the morning to let me sleep for an extra hour, and then my mom takes him so I can shower and blow-dry (!) my hair.
  4. Family nights around the fire pit.
  5. Fresh flowers at Trader Joe’s (they’re always so cheap, pretty and fresh!)
  6. Brand new Sharpies. Actually all school supply shopping for my classroom. This year, I need a laminator, velcro dots, new Mr. Sketch markers and a new Hoberman sphere that I use as a “breathing ball” for my kids.
  7. When Whole Foods has the perfect African-made bolga basket that I’ve been searching for.
  8. Remembering our honeymoon (the photo above is from a cafe in Marrakech), and being grateful for the perfect timing of my pregnancy with Charlie. As sad as I am that my leave is coming to the end, I know how lucky I am to have had maternity leave and then summer vacation.
  9. A husband who always thinks about me, even if it’s just to bring me home command hooks he knew I needed (without my asking).
  10. Our first successful night out leaving Charlie with my parents (with whom he calmly took a bottle and fell asleep!) while we enjoyed a delicious gluten-free (well, for me anyway) dinner at a new to us restaurant.

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