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Fall Day at the Rockwell Museum


WC and I found a diner in Stockbridge I’ve mentioned before, and we went out there a few weeks ago to enjoy a quintessential New England fall day. While we were out in the Berkshires, we stopped at the Norman Rockwell Museum. We checked out the museum, but also walked around the beautiful grounds (and got a little lost!).





fall days


Our weekend fall days have been filled with family, leaves, warmer-than-normal temperatures (making an easier transition for us from D.C.!) and apple chai from a local coffee shop.





Pepere is his best buddy, but I’m pretty sure here he is making sure no one else is hiding in the leaves 🙂

trick or treat


Happy Halloween! I had big dreams of sewing incredible costumes for us, but I was so beat from school that it just didn’t happen. We bought the chef jackets and Charlie’s lobster costume off of Amazon, and I bought the hats from Hobby Lobby.



I was hoping my sling looked like a “pot” when I was wearing him 🙂

Also, did you notice our Jack O’Lantern bottles? I wish I had gotten a good photo of them when it got dark and the candles were lit, but I just painted old wine bottles (I tried spray paint, but a few coats of acrylic worked much better), and my sister and I painted on the faces. I melted the bottom of the candles with a lighter until some of the wax dripped off, and then jammed them inside. I loved them!