Charlie is one


We hosted a small brunch for Charlie’s first birthday on Saturday at my parents’ house. I had a lot of fun planning the decorations, and tried to use a lot of gold, since he loves everything sparkly. We decorated mostly on Friday afternoon when he was taking a late nap, and I swear he noticed every little thing I put up, and would go investigate as soon as he woke up!



I made triangle garland with a triangle punch and my sewing machine, and cut the “Charlie is One” letters out at school. I made the runner with a piece of canvas and a potato stamper 🙂 I ordered photographs to make the giant 1 (there is another one on the playroom door since I ordered too many pictures!), and my grandmother helped me repot succulents into little mason jars to give out as favors.


The tags say, “Thank you for helping me grow (love, Charlie).”

We served mini frittatas, yogurt parfaits, fruit skewers, bacon, sausage, and I made these apple, cinnamon and maple cupcakes (but cheated and made this icing). We also had a small bar with mimosas, bellinis and OJ.






We had so much fun celebrating our little guy, and I swear as everyone was leaving he said, “thank you!” Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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