Easter basket


I just finished Charlie’s Easter basket. We made one for him last year, but Easter fell on the first weekend after we got home from the NICU, and I don’t think we took any pictures. For years I thought the Pottery Barn Kids Easter baskets and bags were adorable, so I was excited to order Charlie a bag (and love that we can use it year after year) for his first real Easter basket 🙂 I picked up a couple of Easter board books from Marshalls, ordered him dinosaur pjs from Old Navy, and made a Montessori transferring activity and some gluten-free wild orange play dough. For weeks I looked for egg-shaped crayons at all of the niche  children’s shops in the areas, and I found them at Target (but they’re also on Amazon)!

Tomorrow we’re going to do a small Easter egg hunt in our yard with a few eggs filled with these bunnies which he loves.  I’m sure there will be some photos on Instagram 🙂



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